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Fox Hills Owners Association

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RCI Gold Crown

We have achieved Gold Crown status for 2014!  Please remember to be favorable on your RCI e-mailed comment cards to keep the trading power and higher point value we now have.  If you have any issues while staying here, please use the Fox Hills comment cards in your room or seek out a manager to assist you with your issue.  Thank you!

Annual bills will be mailed November 1st.  Please watch your mail and if you do not receive your bill by the second week of November, please call 920-755-3632 and we will put another one in the mail to you.  If you have moved recently please contact us with your new information so you receive your bill timely.  It is your responsibility to provide us with this information.

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Owner Association Office Hours:                                   Rec Center Hours:
Monday - Friday   8am-4pm                                             Daily 8am-10pm

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Check in directions:  Check in for our Vacation Owners (Fox Hills Owners and RCI/Exchanges) is located at the Recreation building near the condominiums.  To locate this building when you reach our resort on Church Street, you will enter the first driveway on your left off of Church Street (It is also directly across the from the Golf Shop driveway).  You will see brown cedar buildings (condominiums) to your left, and will enter the driveway going between the condominiums.  The Recreation building is the third building on your left.

For more information, please contact us at 800-950-7615, option 2 or condoassociation@fox-hills.com.