Owners Association

at Fox Hills


Resale Rules*

*Only FOX HILLS UNITS are eligible

*All maintenance fees and special assessments must be paid in full by the due date each year. Any late payments will cause removal from the waiting list. A new application will need to be submitted to get back on the bottom of the list once fees are again current.

*Owners using Sure Pay to make monthly payments on fees are NOT eligible to participate in this program until their fees are paid in full.

*Owners may use CURRENT year vacations while on waiting list.

*There will be a waiting list for each type unit (ie. 2bedroom) and season (red, white or blue).

*Units will be placed on waiting list by date/time received based on type unit/season.

*Notification will be sent if your week gets sold. There will be 30 days to complete and return all documents. If documents are not returned within the stated 30 days, you will be removed from the list and the next person on the list will be offered the sale.   A new application will need to be submitted to get back on the bottom of the list (no exceptions).

*Compensation, if any, may be nominal.

*This program is optional. Participate only if you can tolerate the rules.


*All rules subject to change at anytime and program subject to end at anytime. Fox Hills Owner’s Association has not made any guarantees to sell your unit. If units are sold, it will be by a resale company currently affiliated with developer. No guarantees are being made by any company.



NAME: _____________________________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________

CITY,STATE, ZIP: _____________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER: ____________________________________________

SIGNATURE(S): _________________________________________________

                                       By signing you agree to the above Resale Rules*

If known, indicate ownership type below:

1bd ___ 2bd ___ 3bd ____ Efficiency ________

Red___ White___ Blue___ 

Annual___ Even ____ Odd _____


Office Use Only

Date received ___________Time received ___________Dues current    Y      N


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